Reacting To My Old Vines


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In today's video, I watch some of my old vines and make faces and words in response. I am the first person to ever do this, so if anyone else does it, let them know they are stealing from me. It was my idea that I had and if someone else does it they should go to jail. I’d love to be the one to arrest them too, so if anyone has some handcuffs I can borrow for when someone steals this idea from me and I have to incarcerate them myself, let me know.

Edit: just saw that there are literally thousands of videos like this one. Sorry about what I said before. If I could delete it I would, but unfortunately I can’t. Also, can no one arrest me, please? I know I said originally that that’s what the punishment should be for stealing a video idea, but I’m now thinking we should just issue a warning instead. I’ll consider myself warned.

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